🔥🔥 About Us

Twin Flamiest Twin Flames in Union EVER!

“When you are aligned with Universal love, you not only know that true magic is possible, but you expect it around every corner.” ~ Evan Marie

We, Drake and Evan Marie, have an incredible story of how we came together and have manifested our world and life. We are a story of true love and how we humans can connect with the divine to bring beauty and love into this world, which needs both so very much! We are one soul in two entities on this planet at this time. You can call us “twin flames” if you like, for that is the term that humanity seems to have chosen for individuals like us. The point is: we are an intense and relentless anchor for love and light on this planet, love and light that it so desperately needs right now.

January 23, 2013 was the day we were born into this world as the “Us”, the unified Us that we became in that moment when the realization was made of what we are and when we were fused together in the present, stretching not only forward infinitely into the future, but also backward infinitely into the past. We have come to call this entity that we are together “Prince TheUs”. It is a long and strange little story that you can hear on our channel in many of our videos about our unified Us.

After 5 years of living in our solitary bliss, we have decided that it is time to come out and show our gratitude to the Universe for all we have been blessed with by helping others and to fulfill our true purpose on this planet in this life time, which is to reach our own enlightenment as well as see to the elevation of human consciousness on the Earth, and thereby elevate the Earth.

DRAKE W. CAIRN, Physicist & Philosopher

(aka Dustin W. Carr) is a true renaissance man. He is a physicist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a philosopher, and much more. Twin Flames Truth came straight out of the creative ingenuity that he brings into this world. Drake’s every moment stems from a spiritual foundation of bringing what is uniquely his into existence! The one thing that people most commonly say after talking to Drake Cairn is “I’ve never talked about this sort of stuff with anybody else.”  He is someone who is drawn towards the mysterious cornerstones upon which we all build our reality, and this guides his interactions with others.  In addition to being a Physicist (PhD Cornell 2000), he is also a mechanical, optical, and electrical engineer.  With more than 25 patents, he has used his creative abilities to bring new ideas into existence.  The Temple of the Living Gnosis grows out his desire to create meaning in this world for himself and others. He shares his life with Evan Marie, the other half of the magic that is their love.


EVAN MARIE CARR, Musician & Seeker

seeks out and follows her spiritual path in every endeavor, whether it is her opera singing, song-writing, music teaching, industrious sewing, being a loving wife to Drake, or homeschooling her two young children. Her highest goal is to help others along their paths and to bring more love and compassion into this world. Evan Marie conscientiously follows her life path on an ever-flowing spiral toward truth. Her main goal is to connect to the divine and lead others to their own. Evan is a classically trained opera singer, with her bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and master’s degree from Georgia State University. While she has enjoyed her career as a performer, having sung in the United States and Europe, her priorities currently lie in teaching and helping others. Evan enjoys a successful career with her home-based music teaching studio and life coaching services. Evan is also a homeschooling mom to two young children, to whom she is dedicated to helping find their own truth and path to their divine. The most recent hobby that Evan has dedicated herself to, quickly rising to a professional level, is sewing. She loves creating just about anything out of mandala fabrics and inspiring colors and textures!