YOU Manifest the Twin Flame Connection, and Here’s How It Works

No matter what your path, it is ultimately YOU who manifests your twin flame connection. It does not matter if you are already in union and must manifest the union in every waking moment (which, by the way, is how it works when you are in union. You don’t just get there and relax. That is when the HARD work starts!), are two twins who have dedicated themselves to being together and must manifest union, are a runner-chaser pair that just can’t seem to make it work out right yet, are a runner and chaser where one denies the other, or even if you just found out what a twin flame connection is and decided you want THAT in your life, that that human connection is the ONLY reason to even exist on this planet.

In this video, we have a deep discussion about what this means, how it works, and how to do it!

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