7 Undeniable Truths About Twin Flames

Here are 7 undeniable truths that are universally true of Twin Flames. These define the experience. You are free to share this and you don’t need even to reference the author, for I have no need to claim ownership.

It’s all about our purpose for being here. Everything falls into place once love assumes its sovereign role in life.

1. Twin Flames experience an overwhelming level of love, producing often uncontrollable responses in the physical and mental manifestations of their being.

2. The effects that Twin Flames experience cannot be fully contained in or explained by modern societal conceptions of love, relationships, psychology, or spirituality.

3. The experience manifests in the external world through profound reflections of the soul in the external reality. (Synchronicities, visions, telepathy, etc.) The extent to which this is true does depend upon the personalities involved.

4. When twin flames come together, they both awaken to new parts of their personalities and souls.

5. As this awakening unfolds, they are driven towards creative action. This drive may be unlike anything they may have experienced in their life up to that point. Often times this creative action brings them into contact with other Twin Flames.

6. Twin Flames are always capable of being what their divine other needs in order to move along the path towards their true purposes as individuals. Societal conditioning, manifesting as karma, is the only factor that stands in the way of this always being true in this experience.

7. Once twin flames are both engaged in the double helical spiral that drives each on to new heights of creative expression…

The last one is open ended. That’s where you want to get to, and then you write the rest. Nothing truly stands in the way of that.

Nothing true ever has.

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