Wouldn’t it be too intense to stay with your twin flame?

HAHAHAHA! I remember worrying about that. When we (twin = Dustin Carr) first found each other, we were 1400 miles apart, and we had this magical meditation, metaphysical thing happen (long story), and in one MAGICAL moment, we just knew. SO, the first time we got to see each other in person was 3 weeks after that experience. We literally said to each other in those weeks leading up that we are scared that some nuclear explosion might happen the moment we touch in physical space! I mean, it REALLY felt that way. So when he got here. HOLY CRAP! I thought…OMG! It was…WOW. My heart is freaking out just remembering it. Words can’t do it.

Well, fast forward to now. We have been living together for almost 5 years. We have been married for over 4 years. The intensity has EXPONENTIALLY grown. And I mean, like think of what you THINK it would be like and multiply that times a number that doesn’t even exist yet. And you know what? You grow with it. Your abilities GROW with the love as it grows. The way you live life INTENSIFIES as your love intensifies. And apparently, when you do it right, EVERYTHING gets better in this fashion…even in the BED!

So yeah, you can handle it. Well, as long as you make it through the twin flame fights. Those happen too. And they are as INSANE as the love is. So you REALLY have to get your shizz together to be ready for that stuff. We have thankfully made it through the roughest and learned so much through it. We have had a sort of graduation / initiation as it were, pretty much just this year.

I have felt like a new human being so many times. And I know that will keep happening. This journey TRULY is magical. That is the only way to describe it. It is magical love.

Don’t stop believing. (We put up tons of videos for twin flamers, by the way. Check out the links in my profile. We know what the twin flame is here for. We are gonna light up the world.)

Here is my twin explaining twin flames and love:



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2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be too intense to stay with your twin flame?

  • July 9, 2018 at 1:32 am

    TOO intense? Pft no such thing. Bring it on, baby! I welcome the challenge! Haha


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