What are Twin Flames? 🀨 Why? 😍 How? And Guidelines to Finding YOUR Truth

Many don’t understand this whole twin flame phenomenon. What are twin flames anyway? What is a twin flame connection? Why do twin flames exist? How do twin flames happen? How do twin flames work? So I decided to sit down and answer some of the most basic questions we get. I hope that this video helps clear up those questions for many people and further clarify some of the confusion for individuals on this path who feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

In this video, I leave a lot of the answers fairly open-ended, because as I mention, this is a spiritual experience that cannot be limited to words any more than this without being further diluted. But the ideas that I point out here should help viewers to know where to look within their own experience for answers and their own truth.

The twin flame experience happens from within, at the God level, within the essence of who and what you are. Any further defining and limiting devalues the connection.

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