TWIN FLAMES are REAL! Cornell PhD Physicist drops knowledge on the truth of divine love

For twin flames and soul mates! In this episode of Twin Flames Truth, Drake and Evan Marie discuss the reality that twin flames and divine love is real. There are a lot of rational materialists out there who want to ignore a vast amount of data from millions pointing to the fact that twin flames are a real and true phenomenon. They seem to think that the dogma of materialism gives them the authority to cast aside human experience as something valid and real. THIS IS INSANITY! It is as if someone or something is intentionally trying to block off the source of our greatest power as individuals.

While the haters are gonna hate, they certainly don’t need to be out there telling others that a magical and beautiful experience of love is not possible. If they don’t want to experience it in their own world, that’s cool. But let the lovers love in peace. And if it bothers you, then maybe it is because you really are just wishing you could experience it too. And you are more likely to experience it too if you KNOW that it is real because others are experiencing it.

One thought on “TWIN FLAMES are REAL! Cornell PhD Physicist drops knowledge on the truth of divine love

  • July 22, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    I came across your page, i recently came in contact with my twin flame last ur in Aug 2017 and totally feel you guys…unfortunately in a way, im still married in my soulmate journey a long journey of karmic behaviors, with 15 and 19 yr sons at home . Everything has been turned upside gonna go through all your TF had to move away temporary we know we will be together but it is so hard. We just want our peace and know our Love is unconditional and eternally captivating πŸ’™πŸ’šOur enternal telepathy ways happen a lot due to my stress and he feels it. The heart just goes crazy not having him near me…thx for listening i can go on and on LOL


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