Message for Divine Masculine (or not-so-divine), Logic = Love

This episode of πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Twin Flames Truth is a message for men who may be blocking themselves off from an experience worth having. I am the most logical person you will ever meet. I have degrees in mathematics (B.S. Oklahoma State 1994), and physics (Ph.D., Cornell 2000). I am also a moderately successful innovator and inventor with more than 25 patents. I state these qualifications only to illustrate that I really am a sane and extremely logical person, and I have found that all logical paths lead to love. Men can use forms of logic to shut themselves off from an experience of the greatest expressions of love, but this is not real logic. It is a logic that is based upon willfully not knowing something that can be known, and if it were to be known, it would provide great benefits in this moment and the next. What use is such logic, if it is to be used only to deprive us of experiences worth having? A logical application of logic is that it instead be used to expand our awareness of love. Doing so opens up an entirely new experience in this world. When another human being loves you so much that they truly put you at the center of their world and seek to join souls with you, at the very least it is worth considering what exactly that means. Opening the heart and mind just a small amount could lead to something spectacular and unexpected.

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