Can one twin flame ignore and try to forget the connection for the rest of their life?

There is free will. So they can be stubborn and try to look away for as long as their stubborn little minds will let them. If you are truly twin flames, there is A LOT you can do to help this along though. I could type and type, but honestly, the answers to all this are in the videos below. They are from the channel my twin and I have, where we are just constantly trying to help others find union. We know that the twin flame phenomenon is all about the elevation of human consciousness and the ascension of the Earth. So we work hard to help this along as much as possible. I hope these help!

Message to Men:

For separated twins, how to let go and create more possibility for union by doing the self work necessary:

My story about what I did to manifest my union with my twin without even knowing it and when I thought the twin flame concept was just silly:


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