Can an unawakened twin flame send telepathic messages to the awakened twin asking for contact?

I have a hard time with this version of telepathy, simply because my analytical, logical, Asperger’s mind refuses to put my belief and faith in anything I cannot see or the results of which I cannot see. But my twin and I have had some amazing experiences with actual physical world telepathy, meaning sending on call and receiving on call. And I think that the same methods would apply even in this case. So here is what I would do:

See the object, twin flame who is to receive the love. Visualize the twin in open space, and then send the love directly to the twin. Wrap the twin in love, and then YOU the sender must experience the twin experiencing the love. I know it sounds confusing and weird. But this is the best way we have found for getting the messages across when we practice telepathy together. Visualize the one you are sending the messages to receiving the message. And take it beyond visualization and actually FEEL them FEELING the love.

I have high hopes for this method.

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3 thoughts on “Can an unawakened twin flame send telepathic messages to the awakened twin asking for contact?

  • July 8, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    I have been doing this for some time, but my tf is closed up. If he is experiencing anything, he’s not telling. I do it regardless. I enjoy giving him love simply to give it.
    But my question is, if he’s not opening up, I am told it is because I am not opening up to myself in some way. Is this correct? Should I approach this as me looking deeper within myself to see if there is a part of me that I am not opening up to?

    • July 8, 2018 at 10:47 pm

      Ok, so #1 there is NO WAY that someone should be telling you that because he is behaving that way, it means that you are doing something wrong and blah blah blah. They say those things, because they want to have something to tell you. Period. They make that stuff up. Infuriating. #2 It is ALWAYS good to look within yourself, just like the post I made today. Did you see it?

      Inner Voyage

      The “twin flame guru” types who are telling people things like this NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. End of story.

      The connection does not work that way. This is AGAIN people approaching a spiritual connection from a physical world view. It literally goes against EVERYTHING twin flame. And I am sorry that you have run into this misleading information. He has his issues, probably from a life lived in this crazy world. That part has nothing to do with YOU.

      And clearly, we would always feel better if there is something WE could do to fix the other. The one thing you CAN is to continue sending him love, both at the spiritual level and here through messages and whatever means possible. But do NOT think for one minute that his closed-off-ness is due to something YOU are not doing right. THAT is flat out blasphemy.

      Love you, girl. Yes, keep working on your Goddess coming into form here in this world. Yes, keep sending love. Yes, keep working on removing any blocks you have. But maybe run the beliefs you have about twin flames by us so we can let you know which parts are total BS and what is actually true. I can’t believe they are out there telling people crap like that. Sorry, I get worked up about that. But you know that.

      ~ EM

      • July 9, 2018 at 12:26 am

        I needed to read this! ❤ Love you too! I’ll be asking a ton of questions 😄


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