Opening up to Love — Recorded Live Feed 06/30/2018

Thanks to everyone who took part in tonight’s live feed! We have had the most wonderful day of twin flamin’! We had our first Atlanta Twin Flame Awakening meetup today and had a truly inspiring time with the beautiful souls who were with us for that. Then we almost immediately began the live feed, including that silly accidental live feed start, which we left up. We thought it was pretty funny. It has been such a blessing to spend this time with you special individuals! Keep shining!

Tonight’s topics included: Cupid’s Arrow, Opening to Love, Self Work and Enlightenment, Separation and Union, the Twin Flame Connection, and much more! Tonight was a little casual, as we were so inspired through the day that we truly just had a blast connecting with you all! But we tried to make sure that we stayed as on point as possible! We hope you enjoy!!

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