🔥🔥What Are Twin Flames?

WHAT ARE TWIN FLAMES: This is a hard one for us to answer in a way, because we do not share the same beliefs concerning this phenomenon that the vast majority of individuals out there have on this topic. We also do not much care for labels, because they limit and confuse something that is so infinite and unlimited. But we use the term in order to communicate with other humans on such an otherworldly topic.

Since we have a more expansive view of things, we see twin flames as not necessarily being something that was previously determined. We don’t see time the same way the mainstream population does. Drake being a physicist, and Evan Marie being a constant seeker for deeper understanding, we see things from what we like to call the “God’s eye view”. We have had very transcendent meditative experiences in which we have had realizations about the true nature of existence. And one very important aspect that we have come to know and to understand more and more each day is that time in its linear form only exists when one looks at this physical world from a very limited perspective.

That said, when we fused together as one, as the Us, our union not only went forward infinitely into the future, but it also went back across all time lines into the past. This is a concept that is hard to understand. We know that. We discuss some of this on our channel, but because it is such a complicated topic, we rarely go too in depth. The important thing to keep in mind here is that if two people decide they will dedicate everything they are to one another, there is no limit to what they can do or be. It does not matter if you can them twin flames, soul mates, stranger, or anything else. We humans are the creators of our existence, and NOTHING is as limited as what the vast wealth of twin flame mythology on the internet will lead you to believe.

The term “twin flame” has a sketchy background, in that it was born out of a cultish group in the late 20th century. Regardless of the origins of the term though, this phenomenon of two humans being so connected that they can TRULY experience one another from thousands of miles apart has been a part of human existence since the beginning of human existence. In fact, in the beginning, it was probably simpler, because there was less outside of ourselves trying to always convince us of our separateness from one another. Humans are ALL connected, ultimately. But with twin flames, it runs much deeper. The connection is undeniable. The energy of such a connection between two humans on this planet is EXPLOSIVE, and it can be destructive if two twins are not fully committed to the love the two share.

The only thing you need to consider when you want to know what twin flames are is LOVE. That is the entire point of our existence in this physical reality. We are here to bring the most UNLIMITED and beautiful love possible for humans to experience into this world and elevate human consciousness and the planet by means of such love existing here.